Oakland International Airport Flight Arrivals (OAK)

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Flight Arrivals at Oakland International Airport

Transportation options upon arrival at Oakland International Airport are plentiful and relatively cheap, including the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. Taxi services are also available at the airport, and fares into downtown Oakland range from $35-40.

Shared ride van services are also an option; rates start at around $20 per person. Several car rental companies are located at the airport if you're looking to explore the Bay Area on your own.

Public transportation may vary greatly from city to city, so it is important to research your options in advance. Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to take advantage of trains or buses.

In the USA, tipping is customary in many situations, such as dining out or taking a taxi. Be sure to budget for tips when planning your trip. The cost of living can be high in major cities, so it is important to factor this into your travel budget.

English is the most widely spoken language in the USA, but there are also many Spanish-speaking areas, especially in the Southwest. If you do not speak English fluently, it may be helpful to learn some key phrases before your trip.

Immigration and visa requirements upon arrival in the USA can be very confusing, and many people choose to use the services of an immigration lawyer.

An immigration lawyer can help you with all aspects of your application, from filling out the necessary paperwork to representing you at your interview. They will also be able to advise you on which visa category is best for your situation.

If you are one of those, who will need this service, prepare your paperwork ahead of your travel to avoid any delays.

Wi-Fi at Oakland International Airport

Passengers can access the internet for free in all airport areas before and after security checkpoints.

Rental Car Services at Oakland International Airport

Allow Oakland International Airport's rental vehicle services to handle your travel requirements, whether you're departing or arriving. They can provide the perfect car, van, or SUV with a large selection. Look for them in the baggage claim area's lower level. See and compare all rental car companies at Oakland International Airport.

The cost of picking up or returning the vehicle at the airport may be extra for the rental car provider.

Ride Shares at Oakland International Airport

Rider-sharing services are available to passengers at Oakland International Airport (OAK) for transportation to anywhere in the area. You can choose whether you want quick, inexpensive transport or a luxury automobile service. When you're ready to be picked up, request a ride, and your driver will meet you at the curb.

Taxis at Oakland International Airport

Taxis are accessible on the terminal's arrivals level. Outside of the baggage claim. Use only airport-approved taxis with valid identification for your protection. Depending on traffic, a taxi ride to downtown Oakland costs a flat rate of $40 and takes 20 minutes. It is crucial to consider the cost, the standing of the company, and the travel time when selecting a taxi service at the airport.

See more information about taxis at Oakland International Airport.

Trains at Oakland International Airport

This facility offers access to BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. It also provides a line to Amtrak. Please refer to our trains page for complete information. More information about train services at Oakland International Airport.

Buses at Oakland International Airport

AC Transit runs buses at Oakland International Airport to San Francisco, Oakland, and many other destinations. There are two bus stops at the airport: one in Terminal 1 and the other in Terminal 2; a single-trip fare of $2.10 must be paid in exact change. More information about buses to and from Oakland International Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Oakland International Airport

Oakland International Airport provides shuttle services to several nearby hotels. If you don't have a rental car, these shuttles are an easy method to travel to your hotel. Please inquire about this service with your hotel.

Parking Services at Oakland International Airport

The facility's electric vehicle charging stations are among the thousands of parking spaces available to consumers. You can quickly get to your flight because a short-term parking lot is located right next to the terminals. See more information about short and long term parking at Oakland International Airport.

Take advantage of the long-term parking lot with free shuttle service to and from the terminals if you stay longer. It also provides a cell phone lot to wait in luxury for your arrival party until they are ready to be picked up.

Other Services at Oakland International Airport

ATMs at Oakland International Airport

Both Terminals 1 and 2 of Oakland International Airport have ATMs. Look for signs pointing you toward your closest ATM, or ask a customer care agent for assistance.

Currency Exchange at Oakland International Airport

At Oakland International Airport, Travelex currency services offer currency exchange. There are two Travelex locations at the airport, one in Terminal 1 close to ticketing and the other in Terminal 2. Both provide a range of international currencies, traveler's checks, and other financial items.

Nursing Mothers Stations at Oakland International Airport

At the Oakland International Airport, nursing mothers can conveniently pump or breastfeed while they wait for their trip. The stations are next to the family toilets in each terminal. They provide nursing women with a private area that includes a chair, sink, outlet, and table.

Restrooms at Oakland International Airport

The Americans with Disabilities Act is adhered to in the restrooms at Oakland International Airport. All public restrooms have grab bars, accessible toilets, sinks, and diaper changing stations. Additionally, the airport has Braille signs pointing to the bathrooms.

Food and Beverages at Oakland International Airport

There are numerous and varied dining and drinking options at Oakland International Airport, with something to satisfy every preference. If you're in a rush, there are also a couple of grab-and-go locations. From affordable to midrange, prices are available.

Shopping at Oakland International Airport

The experience of shopping at Oakland International Airport is distinctive. You can discover something that suits your taste among the variety of shops and eateries available.

Smoking at Oakland International Airport

At Oakland International Airport, smoking is only permitted in certain areas, and there are plenty of signs directing travelers to these locations. Smokers can use any of the many ashtrays located throughout the airport. All its visitors will experience a secure and welcoming atmosphere at Oakland International Airport.

Lost and Found Section at Oakland International Airport

Please check the Lost & Found section of the Oakland International Airport if you've lost something there. Any objects lost or stolen on the airport's property are not the airport's responsibility.

Information Desk at Oakland International Airport

Passengers can get assistance from the information desk at Oakland International Airport with any travel-related queries. The personnel can help you with various things, including instructions, ground transportation alternatives, and flight information. They also have a range of maps and brochures accessible to make your travels simple.

Pet Relief at Oakland International Airport

Pet Relief at Oakland International Airport aims to give your pet a spotless, secure, and healthy environment. Several highly qualified professionals are available at the facility to help you with pet care. Please keep an eye out for directions signs.

Baggage Claim at Oakland International Airport

At Oakland International Airport, baggage claim is situated on Level 1 of the Terminal. If your domestic or international flight lands in Oakland, you must come here to pick up your checked baggage. Every day of the week, the baggage claim area is open.

Disabled Passengers at Oakland International Airport

All travelers, including those with impairments, will get excellent customer service at Oakland International Airport. Porter service is offered at each terminal for assistance with luggage.

The Oakland International Airport also provides various services tailored to the needs of passengers with disabilities. Additionally, all airport public toilets include accessible stalls and sinks.

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